Nurture & Follow-up Automation

Build Trust With Your Nurture Sequences

Trust is the Currency of the Internet.
Build Connection By Delivering Value With Ease

Build A Community

You’ve worked hard to stand out, and make a connection, now it’s time to build a community that trusts you, and is interested in your thoughts and activities.

The community you build with an email list is not just your ideal customers.  They become your referal partners, your advocates, and cheerleaders.  They will Like, Follow, Subscribe and Share on social media.  They create your audience. 

But let’s be honest, you aren’t in business to connect all the widgets, or research all the current trends.  You are in business to be an expert in your field, offering what only you can do.  

Our team are experts in marketing and technology.  It’s what we do.

Technology Integration

Your website needs to connect to your autoresponder, which needs to be connected to your calendar, and  . . . 

It’s like a game of head, knees and toes, without the obvious connections.

Email Copy & Sequencing

There is strategy and authenticity to move a lead to a real connection, to a follower and finally to a firm sale.  How often, what time, when to offer value, when to ask for business.  We have the experience to guide you to what is working now, and the desire to make sure it works for you.

Data Driven

Create, Track, Measure, Make Better.

We know that creating content that is not converting is not fun.  We measure key metrics in order to make data driven adjustments.

imagine the power of 


delivering what your followers are interested in now

More Opens

Segmenting your email list helps you speak directly, giving your reader the information they want at the in the moment. According to MailChimp, when their users segmented their email list based on data like location and job title, open rates increased by almost 19%.

More Click-Throughs

When you put unique content in front of unique customers, the information you send will resonate with the reader on a deep level, leading to a higher click-through rate. HubSpot used list segmentation as part of their marketing strategy to hit a 16.4% email click-through rate—that's 583% better than the 2.4% standard around the email marketing industry.

More Conversions

When you provide personalized content and a strong call-to-action to a motivated buyer, you can increase your sales. Isotoner—famous for their gloves and slippers—increased their email marketing revenue by 7,000% by segmenting their list based on which products customers were looking at when they visited the site.

The Best Experience Ever

"I still can't believe how beautiful my website is. They made it super easy to get it done (less than a month!) They gave clear direction on what they needed from me, and they met all of our deadlines. I'm delighted by how fresh and relevant the site looks. Everyone who sees it loves it.
Johanna Lyman

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