Why Creating Content Is Important for Small Business Owners

No Vacancy? Make Room!


The internet has become an oversaturated cesspool of go-getters, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, all trying to make something out of nothing. On a wing and a prayer, folks are fighting themselves to fit in, break out, or just survive in these streets. It would be easy to follow the advice of every mogul you’ve encountered in your 3 am “professional development sessions: pajamas edition.” But the fact is, you will never be able to perfect the systems of others, and still be true to yourself. Please, by all means, learn from those around you, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Gather the advice that works for you, and then measure it against your ultimate goals. No one wants word vomit! Proper digestion produces healthy fertilizer!

When you have come to terms with who you are and what you have to share with the world, SHARE IT. Stand out! Don’t blend in for the sake of industry acceptance. If acceptance is what you are longing for, you mind as well work a cubicle at [*insert large company here.*] Don’t try to solve the world’s problems. Instead, narrow your impact to your unique skill set. You may be carving a path never walked before, simply to solve a problem you know is taking out businesses left and right. If you don’t see your unique problem-solving approach present in the industry, that is a pretty good indicator that you have something worth sharing, for the greater benefit of your audiences. Content creating is a perfect way to connect your skills to your market and make room for success to become possible.


Become your Brand


Once you have found your niche in your business, start to collect your content, via your thoughts, words, and experiences. Don’t rely solely on your marketing team to speak for you. They are just the instruments to ignite your content production and distribution. The real content comes from you. Speak for yourself. Let others see behind the veil, and learn directly from you. Testimonials are secondary to your own voice. They are used to prove that there is weight to what you are saying is true. So before you begin using testimonials to prove your skills, find the confidence to communicate your guarantees first, and allow your work to confirm your claims. Everything you do will prove what you truly believe, so be sure you are clear on what that is. Become your brand in all that you do, reiterating your purposes and reinforcing your why with your audience.



Creating Content Connects


Creating content is vital to connecting yourself to the plethora of business professionals and individuals, anxiously seeking what you have to give. You could have all the resources any great business needs, left stagnant and waiting for release, simply waiting for you to let it out. Creating content shows your audience that you are not just a preaching expert, but a practicing one. Do not stop creating content… ever. Find the niche of content that fits your natural rhythms. For example, when inspiration hits, you can use audio recordings while you’re on the go… carry a journal to jot down thoughts as they come, vlog through problems you are enduring in real-time, to get your true thoughts behind them… The idea of creating consistent content is just that, create content… consistently. Before you know it, content creation becomes a part of your everyday routine. At times, it may feel redundant or tedious, but sometimes your daily necessities feel arduous. It doesn’t change the importance of those needs, whether we feel up for it or not. When you can find your rhythm for content creation, you can better dictate the impact on your audience.


You can always develop a team or contract out for folks to compile and distribute your content. But without you… there is no content to distribute. Recognize the power of your thoughts, words, and experiences. And open the trap door to unleash those golden tickets onto the world.


Happy creating!

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