Create Killer SEO Headlines to be SEEN

It’s pretty simple…

Do you want more traffic? Make sure your headlines are optimized SEO headlines that effectively attract your ideal user. If you are still using your headline to simply classify what type of content you are writing, chances are you are missing a huge opportunity for impact and reach. No one wants to click on redundant posts or anything that sounds remotely ordinary and predictable. When it comes to your headline, it is your first line of defense in attracting your ideal reader. So make the most of that first impression by integrating SEO keywords well.

Before we begin writing . . .

Reverse engineer your outcome.

Begin with the end in mind. What do you want your audience to think or react as a result of your content? If you do not yet know this, take the time to find this out. Without a clear vision for your audience’s desired actions, your content has already lost in the race for a successful impact. Identify these outcomes so that you can create a pathway to accomplish them.

Create a Master SEO keyword list

Once you’ve discovered your desired outcome, start a Google search for everything related to your subject. Find the keywords that rank the highest, and analyze the content that is most successful, based on these findings. When you find the keywords that are high ranking, add them to your master list. This list will constantly evolve, as your own content will develop. But by keeping a master list, you always have a word bank to accentuate your ranking potential.


Now it's time to write!

Get Straight to the point.

When thinking of the best headline, select the SEO headline keyword that best describes your content and desired impact. The saying is true, in this case, LESS is MORE. If this is a tutorial or instructional piece of content, starting your headline with “How to…” will closely correlate with the desired results of your audience. Be specific. Instead of labeling your post “2020 Travel Blog,” try to incorporate greater language that caters to exactly what you are highlighting in your content; such as, “Wanderlust: My Summer in Tivoli.” Captivate your audience, compelling them toward your next desired action for them: CLICK.

Use at least 10 SEO Keywords in your content

In each piece of content, you want to use at least 10 SEO keywords to maximize your ranking potential. Avoid the Instagram effect. Don’t just arbitrarily add hashtags at the bottom of your post, just to see how far they’ll go! Instead, integrate your keywords within the context of your content, for better success.

BONUS: A/B Testing

When your desired outcome is clear, and your SEO keywords are embedded, take a chance and try some A/B testing. This is a great way to assess the impact of your content in a measurable way. Take email marketing for instance: incorporate two sets of SEO keywords in each of your tests, and assess the success of each campaign. 

This gives you an upper edge on what keywords lead to successful CTAs and engagements from your desired audience.


Enjoy!  Schedule a Call if your like to learn more! Or discuss how we can help!


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