Why Creating Content Is Important for Small Business Owners

Are you struggling to get your Content SEO Score higher, and everything you do keeps you stuck in the same place? Take a look at the following tips to make improvements to get your SEO ranking higher than before.

Too Soon To Tell?

Chill! Give it a minute. If you are that eager to be sure your content is getting traction, put your effort into creating quality content, utilizing the plethora of tools at your fingertips. While waiting for your site to gain momentum, you can search the direct link in the google search bar to see if it is recognized by Google. Don’t expect much within the first hour of posting. Relax and let Google do the rest of the work. In the meantime, here are some other things to consider when planning for your content to have the greatest impact on the market.

Are You Exed?

While you are concerned that not enough people are accessing your content, there are more and more people trying to block the indexing of their content on search engines like Google. You may have inadvertently blocked yourself too. Check your code to be sure you are not blocking indexing.

<content = “noindex”>

noindex tells Google you can see my content, but can’t suggest the content in their search engine. This is a great tool for intranet communications or other semi-private materials. It does not serve the needs of exposure to your content. If it is already live, this is still an easy fix. Search your source code and remove this tag, and look out for noticeable improvements in your Google ranking.

Still, Using Comic Sans?

So you aren’t blocking the index, but you still don’t seem to be rising to the occasion. How is your content looking? Remember your user experience and design are just as important as the content itself. If you’re not getting the traction you were expecting, assess your content with the user in mind. Check the facts and cross-reference to your keywords, and be sure you are meeting the needs of your user’s initial search prompts.

Need ideas? Try reverse engineering in your search. Taking your 3 main takeaways you want your consumers to receive from your content, search for the best-ranked sites that come up. Study what is working for them. Compare how your content measures up to some of the higher-ranked sites. From there you may have a better direction for improving your own content, which will only boost your ranking potential.

Have Enough Hyperlinks?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many keywords and resources is your content worth? Let it become a beacon of continued conversation, by connecting users to more and more related materials. Even better, connect your it to your collection of the already published content. Anything published should have at least ten hyperlinks embedded into the work. This link building gives at least ten opportunities for users to engage and interact with your content, thus increasing the probability of continued use and higher search ranking.

Let’s Talk About Your SEO Keywords

SEO shouldn’t be a foreign concept to us anymore, but how we continue to adapt to using these tools has to remain at the forefront of our content marketing. What does your audience what to know? Start thinking of your CTA and create your work accordingly. Identify ten-strong SEO keywords you want this content to be directed to, and make sure it fully explores those keywords. Nobody wants to read a full article tagged with #stockexchange, only to learn about companies that are still private.

And if you still are not sure why you need to keep creating content take a look at our other blog post about why creating content is so important for small business owners.


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